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UtlraLam - Stronger, Straighter and More Cost Effective Than Solid Columns

We are the exclusive National Sales Rep for the UltraLam. UltraLam is engineered and manufactured by Valley Lumber Company in Hackleburg, Alabama.

Our national rep firm has Offices in North and South Carolina, Alabama and Florida.  We can sell in partial truck load quintiles and  will customize orders to fill a truck with any of the products we have to offer.   

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Ultralam is manufactured from quality #1 southern pine.

The lower end is .60 pounds per cubic square foot CCA KDAT. The adhesive used on the finger joint and face-lam  meet all major building code standards and is durable for long term use.  The procedures used in making this product are monitored by SPIB, a third party investigation agency and in-plant quality control.


Gluelam or UltraLam is a structural framing column used in vertical applications

About Ultralam

This product is manufactured using #1 Kiln dried  19% moisture content southern pine.

The lower end is #1 southern pine kiln dried .60 CCA treated.

The treated lumber is finger jointed to the untreated lumber to make any length desired

The finger joints are staggered 2 feet apart for structural strength.

These lams can be customized to width and length as needed.

Standard are 3 and 4 ply for most applications.